China throws down the gauntlet with progressive plan to carbon neutrality

Posted on: September 29th, 2020 by Protect Our Winters Canada

When you talk to people about progress on climate change, how often do you hear “well our emissions are nothing compared to China and until they take it seriously, why should we?”.  Well, China just unveiled what Bloomberg Green is calling “the most ambitious climate goal the world’s ever seen” with solar capacity growing by 587%, nuclear by 382%, wind by 346%, bioenergy by 100%, and hydropower by 50% by 2060. Coal consumption falls by 96%, gas by 75%, and oil by 65%. The plan was released this week at Tsinghua University in Beijing by the government-affiliated Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy. The proposed “blueprint” would see the country invest $15 Trillion (yes, that’s a T) USD over the next 30 years leading to new jobs, new industry and new hope for the global climate movement. Read the full article here.  

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  1. Jan arne Ringstad says:

    Is this article legit?
    I am not questioning you, people… It is just that I want to send this article to Jens Stoltenberg, who is the head of something in nato.
    He also says that he cares for the environment, so I wanted to show him that countries like China are doing something about climate change now and it is on time that other countries do something too!!
    And not just talking about that they’ll start doing something.

    Because I am tired of countries talking bullshit about doing something for climate change when they do not tell the normal man in the street what to do….

  2. P says:

    Good way to idolize a repressive nation that persecutes its own citizens. Not to mention the cheap labour and population of over 1 billion.
    POW – an organization filled with privileged, white millennials who grew up with parents wealthy enough to afford them the luxury of new skis and seasons passes.
    Quite the contrast to a nation where wealth is often determined by dedication to the ruling party.

  3. John Wood says:

    Commitments in 2060 just do not do it for me without a schedule of incremental goals to show progress. That said it all sound very impressive although science tells us that we have only about 10 years to avoid a 50% chance of 2 degrees which is a possible tipping point. It may all be just too late by 2060.

  4. Ron Beveridge says:

    There is only one way to respond to China’s staggering, mind-blowing push toward Carbon Neutrality – Fantastic!

    Canada can’t mirror China’s ambition – but it appears the federal government is serious about meeting our 2030 obligations. Finally. Kudos for Canada!

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