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A Conservative government would not only bring climate action to a halt, but send us backwards. Although the Greens & NDP have the most ambitious plans, according to the latest polls (Latest Polling Results), they have less then a 1% chance of forming the next government. Time for strategic voting! Whereas values based voting is simple and straightforward (vote for the candidate or party that best aligns with your values), strategic voting is slightly more complex. You need to check your local riding polls and determine which party has the best chance of beating the Conservatives. That’s who to vote for!  If the Conservatives are not a threat in your riding, then you can revert back to values based voting.

We referenced, and in some cases synthesized, platform evaluations by notable sources (listed below) to develop our rankings. Specifically, platforms were graded against the four major “asks” in POW Canada’s Policy Statement: Renewables, Carbon Pricing, Incentives and Empowering Canadians (Transition). We opted to include Environmental Protection/Protecting our Playgrounds as a fifth category (Environment)  as it’s an important element of an overall climate plan and resonates deeply with the outdoor community.

In our review of Federal Party Platforms, we appreciate ambition on the climate file, but value specific actions and feasibility even more. The world has had aspirational targets and rhetoric for two decades. The climate crisis demands bold action and investment, and so must we.

POW Canada Climate Platform Analysis, FULL

POW Canada Policy Statement