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Thana Boonlert has been specializing in greenhouse gas emissions for over 10 years. With a background in Environmental Engineering from the University of Guelph, he's had the opportunity to quantify air emissions from various industrial sources such as coal mines, manufacturing facilities, pulp mills, wastewater treatment plants, and several different oil and gas facilities. Now residing in Calgary, Alberta, he specializes in methane reduction, where him and his team have had significant input in regards to policies on quantification methodologies with the regulators. Having previously spent a lot of time in the field conducting air sampling at sites all over Canada, Thana has gained a great deal of empathy which has allowed him to have a unique perspective and human lens when communicating issues pertaining to climate change today.  
In addition, Thana has also completed extensive Climate Leadership training, is on the board of The Regeneration Learning Society (a non-profit geared at helping Albertans become good Climate and Social Justice advocates), has created local sustainability and climate committees that are still on-going today, has previously run as a candidate in the federal and provincial elections, and is generally always looking for ways to get involved in the community with an open mind and heart.
Furthermore, Thana is an avid splitboarder, trail runner, photographer, and musician.


Jo Grealish is a British climate activist living and working in Whistler, BC. In 2023, Jo was awarded a distinction in MSc Sustainability, Planning, and Environmental Policy at Cardiff University in Wales, following her undergraduate studies in Politics and Philosophy. Jo’s MSc research centred around ecological modernisation, sustainability planning, corporate responsibility, and stakeholder engagement, with a central focus on the challenging relationship between environmental protection and sustainable development solutions. 

Throughout university, Jo took part in various planning projects throughout the UK, including policy proposals in different localities throughout the Welsh valley’s and along its coastline. She maintains an active member of the UK’s Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, contributing to their work acting internationally to improve the practice of water and environmental resource management for sustainability. 

Alongside studies, from 2019-2021, Jo was an expedition leader for a UK social enterprise working throughout the Islands of Fiji. She was responsible for over 20 volunteers per expedition, helping youth empowerment, community building, sports development, mental and public health, and environmental conservation projects.

Jo loves to spend her free time outdoors in Whistler - skiing, mountain biking, running, and hiking, often with friends!


Celeste was born in the USA but was raised on the North Shore of Vancouver exploring and thriving in the outdoors. As a result, her interests are deeply rooted in the natural environment as well as protecting land in which she lives and plays in. She graduated from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences concentrating in alternative energy and
geosciences in 2018 where she was fortunate to take a wide array of courses covering all forms of alternative energy. She quickly realized that her greatest interests lie in energy storage, energy policy, sustainability, and energy education.

Celeste now lives in Squamish, just south of Whistler where she is currently remotely completing her Master of Science at the University of British Columbia focusing on Energy Storage applications for off-grid communities in northern Canada.
Outside of her education, Celeste is a professional athlete as both a big mountain skier and mountain biker, represented by international outdoor brands such as Black Crows skis and Mons Royale. Recognizing that the world of sport has a long way to go when it comes to responsible sustainability practices, Celeste hopes she can make an impact on the world of sport as not only an advocate but as a researcher and athlete alike.


David Spies is a passionate skier, environmentalist and advocate for public lands. He completed his Honours Bachelor in Transnational Law and Human Rights and is now a JD Candidate at Lakehead University. His research focuses on the intersection of environmental law, Indigenous rights, wildlife and public lands management. 

While in law school, David is President of the Environmental Law Club and hopes to pursue a career in public lands defence and wildlife management. 

When his nose is out of the books, David loves skiing, hiking, canoeing and cycling.