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Dear members: This one’s for you! 

Our friends at Thule have come on as our newest partners. In celebration of this they have given us an amazing treat that could be yours. A brand new Thule Vector  kit!  We are running this contest on Instagram and you have until the end of the month to enter! (March 1st)

Here’s how to enter:

We want to know from you:

  1. Why you are a member of Protect Our Winters Canada
  2. Why you think addressing Climate Action is important
  3. Why others should join

Upload a photo on Instagram (preferably somewhere you like to explore and play) and answer the questions above. TAG US in your post (@protectourwinterscanada) and good luck!!!


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  1. Ken McDonald says:

    I am a member of POW Canada because as a Canadian we all share this amazing land and we all love to explore it. It is not only Canada that we love to explore and take full advantage of though, it’s the entire world. I have family in the USA and it makes me sick hearing about the policy changes there and the lack of awareness as well as the disbelief in this global issue. We all need to stand together and fix this mess we have made so we can continue to enjoy the beauty our planet provides for us. IT is always a running joke that if someone stands with a clipboard and asks “Do you have a moment for our environment” that they will be avoided like the plague, but that isn’t the case anymore. People want to help and are going out of their way to do so. The new generations are seeking out companies that are involved with this change and celebrities are using their platform for the cause. I have a research article being published on the effect green manufacturing and marketing have on consumers and if it is working, and I am happy to say it is. It isn’t the high results I was hoping for but something is better than nothing and it’s a change for good. As long as we have amazing groups like POW and amazing people that back them up and use whatever platform they have to spread awareness we have a chance to make a difference. I will continue to support POW through any means necessary from wearing the sticker on my bike and skis to donating or trying to attend any gathering to show my support. I would love to try and start a POW movement here in my home town of London to help, and I won’t stop trying to help because I know there are likeminded people here. Keep up the fight!

    • Protect Our Winters Canada says:

      Hey Ken! Love the reply! However, this contest is running on Instagram is you have it. If you could post on instagram with this reply that would be fantastic.

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