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Anita's favorite thing is being proven wrong… it forces her to up her game!  She’s a one time elementary school red rover champion, uses her oven to store sweaters, an avid campaigner for mountain bikes with built in airbags and has learned the best protection against  thieves is labeling a suitcase ” Radioactive Waste”. An all mountain matador, she divides her time between the Pacific Coast Mountains, the Internet and remote corners of the world working on global humanitarian & crisis projects. A decade ago, Anita became the first professional freeride mountain biker of Indian descent. 

She was named one of the World’s Most Adventurous Women as well as one of the World’s Most Provocative Cultural Catalysts for her pioneering role in diversifying outdoor sports and leading international conflict resolution initiatives from human slavery to the global refugee crises to capacity building. Anita is a multiple award-winning humanitarian, aspiring astronaut, environmental and electrical engineer, anti-racism consultant, climber and snow sport aficionado. Her best advise? “ Don’t be a docile member of your generation, be a revolutionary!