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Ski Resorts across Canada experience the challenges of operating in a warming and variable climate first hand. Shorter seasons and rising temperatures have an immediate impact on their bottom line. Now more than ever before, consumers are looking to the brands and businesses they support to take a stance on climate action and sustainability. 

Our Resort Alliance is a coalition of resort operators from across Canada who realize they can’t stay on the sidelines when it comes to climate change- their businesses and the future of skiing depend on taking bold action against it. 

POW Resort Alliance members receive support from POW to help them commit to climate action in various ways. By taking steps like helping build the POW community through brand awareness and membership drives, educating their staff on the threat of climate change to the ski industry, hosting awareness and fundraising events and implementing strategies to reduce their carbon footprint- these operations are taking action that showcases environmental leadership and a commitment to climate advocacy.

POW Resort Alliance members receive: 

  • access to POW Climate Education Resources for their entire staff
  • a bank of resources to help initiate climate action at your resort
  • an invitation to a yearly Resort Sustainability Leadership Summit
  • a POW activation kit + digital toolkit to showcase the partnership on resort
  • a connection to 20 000+ POW members across Canada
  • logo visibility on the POW Canada website and social media channels
  • a yearly climate action review
  • more!

POW Resort Alliance members pledge to:

  • Make sustainability a priority for their operation
  • Advocate for climate protection
  • Support POW's mission to turn outdoor enthusiasts into effective climate advocates. 
  • Click here to read the full Resort Alliance Pledge

To find out more:

Watch this webinar:  Ski Resort Realities in a Warming Climate 

Email: [email protected]

Check out: POW Resort Program Deck 

To sign up to become a member of the POW Resort Alliance Click Here.