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By becoming a member of the POW Resort Alliance you are joining a collective of ski resort operators who recognize they are on the front lines of climate change. 

As a member you pledge to:

  • Make sustainability a priority for your operation.

    Take stock of your current operations, infrastructure and advocacy opportunities as a company. Make a plan to increase sustainability action in each aspect of your operation.  Seek consistent progress, rather than perfection.

  • Advocate for climate protection.

    By recognizing your power and influence in the outdoor industry you can have a huge effect on the fight against climate change. Lead by example and use your voice whenever possible. Share your commitment to sustainability with your guests and support campaigns and initiatives that will lead to solutions from government and corporations that will help tackle climate change. 
  • Support POW's mission to turn outdoor enthusiasts into effective climate advocates

    Seek opportunities to build POW's membership,  prioritize education for your employees and guests and creatively share our partnership with your guests online and onsite in a way that brings awareness to POW's mission and vision. There's power in numbers.