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To reach our targeted emissions, we need to expand our focus from individual action and work together to achieve large scale policy solutions. All other sectors of the Canadian economy have organized themselves to influence policy decisions which are important to their industry. The outdoor industry in Canada is massive, yet has never organized to have a collective voice and collaborative influence. Our goal is to create such a voice. As outdoor enthusiasts, we see the impacts of climate change first-hand, and need to be the force for change. If we don’t step up and use our voice to protect the places we love and experiences we value, who will?

It’s a daunting challenge, but like climbing mountains and sending big lines, we are up for it. We get to help dictate the outcome right now. We all have unique skills, gifts, and experiences to contribute. Please consider how you can get involved with Protect Our Winters Canada to further our shared mission for climate action. WINTER IS IN OUR HANDS.