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POW Canada is starting off super strong in 2023, adding to our list of not only athlete ambassadors, but our resort and non-profit alliance also. We are SO proud to welcome; Big White Ski Resort, Horseshoe Resort & Mansfield Ski Club who join Tremblant, Blue Mountain Resort and Cypress Mountain on our POW Canada Resort Alliance. 

While also welcoming some other INCREDIBLE organizations. The ASSQ (Association des Stations de ski du Québec  / Quebec Ski Areas Association) and the CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance) also join POW Canada. 

The ASSQ (Association des Stations de ski du Québec  / Quebec Ski Areas Association) is a fellow non-profit representing 75 Quebec ski areas whose values and actions are “guided by passion and dynamism”. Supporting and defending the ski industry's interests for the last 4 decades, the ASSQ began with an ideal to promote skiing, share best practices between resorts, introduce 50 000 kids to skiing/snowboarding as well as  defend the interests of their industry vis-a-vis the government. Sounds like a pretty good POW partnership! 

The CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance) is the professional ski teaching body in Canada providing excellence in education for the profession of ski teaching, contributing to the growth and enjoyment of skiing. They are making climate action a priority and bringing along their members as they believe their love of adventure in nature demands their participation in the fight to save and protect it. 

Protect Our Winters Canada is beginning to look further into the Non-Profit and ski industry sector, realising how strong these communities are to be able to create allies for our passion, purpose and cause. Getting the boots on the ground stoked about POW Canada is really what our purpose envisions and the more advocates we can recruit, the better. Communities have been skiing at these resorts and ski clubs for decades and who better to advocate for the future than those who are ingrained in the past and present so strongly. 


POW Canada Resort Alliance

In 2023 POW is also welcoming not one, but TWO Ontario ski resorts to the family - Horseshoe Resort and Mansfield Ski Club, are both small, but boast big values and bring another dimension of the Ski Industry Community to POW. Joining Big White Ski Resort this year - the now 6 strong alliance is beginning to grow further and make traction 

POW Canada Resort Alliance members receive support from POW Canada to help them commit to climate action in various ways. By taking steps like helping build the POW Canada community through brand awareness and membership drives, educating their staff on the threat of climate change to the ski industry, hosting awareness and fundraising events and implementing strategies to reduce their carbon footprint, these resorts and organisations are showcasing their environmental leadership and a commitment to climate action.

“It’s incredible to see such enthusiasm and willingness to join the POW Canada Resort Alliance with resorts and industry organisations putting themselves out there to make a difference. It really shows that they see the POW Canada Resort Alliance as a way to take action and find solutions in preserving the industry we all love”, says Anik Champoux, POW Canada Programs & Marketing Director. 

To join the POW Canada Resort Alliance for the upcoming 2023-2024 season contact Anik Champoux (POW Canada Programs & Marketing Director) [email protected] 

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