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Benjamin Jacob Poechman was born and raised on a family run organic egg farm in the foothills of Southern Ontario. With big mountain dreams and a passion for snowboarding he headed straight for Whistler, BC after graduation. Five years of landscape labour to fund his adventurous winter pursuits while aspiring to be a professional snowboarder… He began to look for a better balance.

In 2017 Ben quit his job landscaping to pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle. His first discovery was an apprenticeship at a stone carving studio in function junction. There he learned to carve stone “inukshuks” for an art gallery over the summer. Developing the skills he needed to create original pieces harvested from his own inspirations.

The miracle of creative expression consumed him that first year, as he began to experiment and explore new mediums. Ben first started painting water colours for birthday gifts and random acts of kindness for friends and family. He later discovered acrylics and canvas, as a whole new world opened up to him. 

Now, Ben’s focus has shifted from “what” he is creating to “why”. With this newfound approach he continues to find new ways to bring about positive change through each new series of work. While he continues to explore new mediums, the root intentions for his work run deep.