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Win a signed Jeremy Jones snowboard and POW swag pack!


When 22 year old, Hugo Lapointe from Repentigny Quebec was temporarily laid off from his job as a technician @universeboardshop due to COVID, he was inspired to use his time to better his local community and the planet. “It started by wanting to clean up bottles from roadsides and parks in my area” says Hugo, a member of POW’s Montreal Chapter. With landfills and recycling centres closed or on reduced hours, our neighbourhoods, parks, forests and broader communities have become the defacto dumping site for unwanted garbage and recycling.

After quickly filling several bags with bottles and cans, Hugo realized there was a much larger opportunity. Due to health and safety concerns, beer and liquor stores across the country  have temporarily suspended accepting returns, which means empties are taking up space in people’s basements and garages. Hugo enlisted the help of family and friends and used his social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, asking people to bring their empties (cans or bottles in cases or bags) to his house, promising proceeds would be donated to Protect Our Winters Canada. The response was incredible and has forced Hugo to get creative in finding places to temporarily store the empties until the stores re-open; under decks, behind his BBQ, in his parent’s basement, in the garden shed to name a few. To date, Hugo has collected and received approximately 50,000 empties which translates to $5000 to support POW’s work on climate action. 


Inspired? So were we! We’ve sent Hugo a cool POW swag package and Jeremy Jones sent Hugo a signed board from his personal collection!!! Don’t be jealous! You can get in on it too with our Can Climate Challenge. We’ll send a dope POW swag package AND signed Jeremy Jones snowboard to the person who runs the most successful bottle drive before June 15, 2020! Not familiar with Bottle Drives? Here's some tips:  Ask your family and friends for their empties. But it out on social media and see who shows up with cans and bottles they’ve been storing in their basement. Involve your local running, biking or ski group. GO BIG! BE A HUGO!


Here are the details: Contest runs until June 15, 2020 and is open to individuals or teams (note only one prize is available). Winner is based on most dollars raised/donated to POW Canada through:  by June 15, 2020. Please drink responsibly and use best practices for protecting against COVID. 

Click the links below for provincial resources:

Returns in Ontario

Returns in Quebec

Returns in Alberta

Returns in BC

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