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Caroline Côté is a professional adventurer and a long-distance athlete. Her main role when she's going on expeditions is to bring back footage for the purpose of presenting outdoor documentaries to her community. One of the latest to be done is about the Polar Shadows project; a 63 day expedition across Spitsbergen unsupported in the arctic winter. Filming in natural places, far away or in complex conditions is her passion and her specialty. Her mission is to engage people in learning more about the subject of nature conservation, and team leadership. Every trip in nature, whether short or long, has taught her lessons and inspired theories that guide her path today.The reason she works as an explorer and adventure filmmaker is that she has this intrinsic desire to feel, every day for the rest of her life, in harmony with the environment in which she interacts. It's by facing her greatest fears and taking on the challenges one after the other that she believes she can more easily connect to her community and the environment as well as ensuring she is always honest with herself.