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"And then there still is the so-called climate change. There is no proof for it. We have snow, in part even a lot of it,” he said. “I was in Pyeongchang for the Olympiad. We had minus 35 degrees Celsius. Everybody who came to me shivering I welcomed with: welcome to global warming.” 

Gian Franco Kasper, President of International Ski Federation



Does the International Ski Federation think it’s cool to be led by a climate-denying dinosaur? Because those of us who make up the outdoor community definitely don’t. We don’t have time to tolerate that kind of prehistoric nonsense. 🦕

That’s why we’re calling for the immediate resignation of Gian Franco Kasper as President of the International Ski Federation in response to his denial of human-caused climate change.

Join us. We’ve made it easy for you to help us deny this denier by sending a letter directly to the FIS. Hit the link to make your voices heard: Click here to send a letter or email to FIS

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