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Elladj is a former Team Canada competitive Figure Skater of Russian and Guinean origin. Over the past few years he has dedicated himself to make figure skating cool again and bringing it back into mainstream culture. Through sharing his captivating skating videos on frozen lakes  in the Canadian Rockies he has proven that the sport of figure skating can transcend competition and become an art form that anyone can use to express themselves. His transition from competing on indoor arenas to exploring his artistic side on outdoor ice has opened his eyes to the majesty and fragility of winters in Canada, and his desire to protect them. Elladj’s passion for music and movement is palpable in his work, and he aims to  inspire young boys to pursue their passion and not be afraid to tap into their artistic and emotional side. His mission is for young BIPOC skaters to look at his  journey and feel like there is a place for them in this sport and the outdoors.