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Gabriel Filippi is part of The North Face Athlete Team. In May 2019, he became the first Canadian ever to summit Mount Everest for the third time. Within a 24-period, Gabriel climbed Everest and Lhotse (the 4th highest summit of the world). He has travelled to over 40 countries and achieved numerous technical peaks often while scaling rock cliffs and frozen waterfalls along the way. He is also an ultra-trail runner who completed the Bromont Ulta 160KM and the Ultra-Trail Harricana 125KM. 

His book, “The Escapist, Cheating Death on the World’s Highest Mountains” is on the national bestsellers book list. Gabriel tells how in the span of 20 years spent scaling the highest peaks in the world, he has repeatedly cheated death. From a Taliban attack on a mountainside in Northern Pakistan that felled 11 of his climbing companions to the deadliest disaster in Everest’s history when an earthquake killed 20 persons, he has survived again and again. He proves an old axiom true: no climber returns from a summit the same person as when he began his ascent. Sometimes the alteration is physical, but more often it’s buried within. 

When not climbing, Gabriel is an internationally sought after speaker. As a POW ambassador, he will present the educational program Hot Planet, Cool Athletes to our next generation across Canada.