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Gary Robbins is an ultra-distance trail and mountain runner based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. His passion lies in covering vast distances under his own steam, non-stop and often without sleeping over multiple days. The more mountainous, remote, arduous and challenging the better. He has established many course records and “fastest known times” over the years and still holds the 100-mile record for the Hawaii HURT 100, known as one of the most difficult 100’s on the continent. Gary is the only ever Canadian finisher of the notorious Colorado-based “Nolan’s 14ers” route and in 2015 he lowered a historic record time around Mount Rainier by over two hours, becoming the first person to circumnavigate the entire volcano in under 19 hours. He often goes to Tennessee in the springtime to thrash about the bush in the hopes of eventually becoming an official Barkley Marathons finisher.