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After a long day of skiing, there's nothing like a refreshing beer. As winter approaches, it felt like the perfect time to introduce our two new partners. We're thrilled to welcome Atomic, as part of a global partnership, and Backcountry Brewing to our Partner Alliance! 


Earlier this year, Atomic launched their first annual climate impact statement. They didn’t stop there, to address the impact of their business operations following that statement and in the hopes of having a positive impact on protecting our winters, they decided to focus on 3 main impact goals. Protect Our Winters will be supporting Atomic achieve these goals by working to build advocacy opportunities that convert Atomics business power into political leverage and training Atomic athletes to become climate advocates using their voice to call for systemic action.


“As a winter sports brand dedicated to skiing, climate action is vitally important to Atomic,” said Sean Kennedy, Atomics’ Marketing Director for North America. “The brand is dedicated to continue increasing performance through innovation while taking meaningful steps to reduce the overall environmental impact of manufacturing our products. Along with our pledge to reduce CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint of our equipment through comprehensive, data-driven life cycle assessments, supporting the future of snow sports through POW and its Partner Alliance further aligns with our brand values and standards.”


Cool facts about Atomic

  • Atomic hosted in September 2023 the inaugural Ski Industry Climate Summit in Salzburg, Austria. This international event, supported by FESI and POW, united over 140 key stakeholders from leading ski brands, suppliers, retailers, and organizations, driving significant progress in advancing climate action within the industry
  • Atomic now conducts a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in compliance with ISO14040 and ISO14044 standards, a rigorous and scientific process that examines the environmental impact of EVERY product - from its creation to its eventual disposal. By tracing the carbon dioxide (CO2) impact throughout a product’s life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to its end-of-life utilization, a clear picture of our product's environmental impact emerged.
  •  The LCAs have culminated in a new lower-impact design of Atomic backcountry and freeride skis, including: the Backland 88, 89SL, and 95 which use more wood, less metal, fiberglass and resin to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%.


Backcountry Brewing has been part of our close community for a long time now and we’re happy to officially include them as part of our Partners Alliance. Based in the beautiful mountain town of Squamish and operating all over BC, Backcountry Brewing is recognized by their creative beer offering and designs and its strong support to causes they have at heart. We’ve been working together since the beginning of the year on a collab to highlight our partnership and support the cause, which will be released this Fall! We can’t give you more details about it, but stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks! We can’t wait to raise our glasses to this in the coming weeks!


“As a team with many outdoor enthusiasts we could not be more excited to focus our fund-raising efforts towards POW Canada’s effort to fight climate change! Now is the time to act in order to make a difference for future generations. We fully support POW’s efforts to bring together a larger voice to advocate for policy solutions.” - Ben Reeder, Co-Founder


Cool facts about Backcountry Brewing


  • This year, they have launched their first zero-emission delivery truck to reduce their carbon footprint, helping to protect the places they love, all while continuing to meet their customers' needs!
  • With a circular approach in their operations and waste management system, they are utilizing their spent grain from brewing to feed local livestock!
  • They aim to provide locally sourced food at their restaurant by collaborating with local farms. Additionally, they grow a variety of vegetables in-house to supply the restaurant, and they even cultivate their own hops!

The POW Canada Partner Alliance is a coalition of 40+ brand partners in the outdoor industry who share our values and mission of protecting our playgrounds to ensure a future for winter and summer sports. To achieve our goals as a not-for-profit organization, POW Canada relies on the generous support of individuals, businesses and foundations who share our vision. As such, we actively pursue grants and corporate contributions to help fund our educational, activism and advocacy programs.

Join our Partners Alliance or our Program for businesses by contacting us at [email protected]

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