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Greg Hill began backcountry skiing in 1995 and completely immersed himself in this sport ever since. His enthusiasm and endurance slowly separated him from the pack. Countless days spent skinning uphill, honed his skills till he has become one of the foremost ski mountaineers in Canada. Always pushing deeper into the unknown, be it his personal limits or an unexplored mountainside. He has hundreds of first descents around his home range in British Columbia, Canada, as well as South America, Norway and Pakistan. Greg is best known for when he climbed and skied 2 million vertical feet (609km) in 2010, climbing 71 mountains (in both North America and South America). which earned him “Top 25 fittest guys in the world” for Men’s Fitness 2011 and ‘Skiers of the Year” for Skiing magazine 2011. Greg was also one of the “Adventurers of the Year” for National Geographic Adventure 2006.

Recently, Greg has taken to deeply looking into sustainable adventure and exploring these realities. He has sold his F-350 and snowmobile, no longer heli-guides, travels to all his mountain adventures in an Electric car, and has now climbed 40 mountains without the use of fossil fuels.