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While most Calgary skiers Izzy’s age were riding the lifts and hitting gates, the Lynch family was busy building a backcountry lodge in British Columbia, an experience which fostered Izzy’s love for nature and big mountain skiing at a young age. Although Izzy did ski race and compete at an international level, it was that feeling of freedom that she found in the isolated mountains at the lodge that pulled her to build a life in the mountains. Now a mother, she shares those same values with her own son. As a storyteller, Izzy’s craft is to merge skiing with those kismet moments she has in remote areas, sharing different narratives of herself and others pushing their boundaries in films and writing. She wears many hats in the outdoor industry, merging all facets of her life – from backcountry skiing, coaching , motherhood and filmmaking, to collaborating with fellow athletes and volunteers as the Program Coordinator for POW Canada. She resides in Revelstoke, BC.