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With the federal election only days away, and strong polling data available in most ridings, it’s time to do some basic research now to ensure you know who to vote for on October 21, 2019.  Somehow (we don’t really get it), we’re dangerously close to electing a Conservative government in Canada! It sounds cliche but EVERY vote counts!!!!


Our #VoteForClimateCanada initiative was created to provide the outdoor community with the tools and information needed to identify and vote for a climate champion. To date, thousands of people have used the various tools provided and are now equipped to vote for a climate champion. Here are the four simple steps we’d recommend taking:

#1. Use our simple Climate Platform Report Card to better understand each party’s climate platform: Climate Platform Report Card

#2. Check-out the riding polling in your area using this site:   Use this information to identify the party that has the best chance of beating the Conservative candidate (this is strategic voting).

#3. Make a plan to vote. Pick a time on October 21 and add it to your calendar NOW!

#4. If your voting card didn’t arrive in the mail (it should have by now) use this link to register as a voter - Voter Registration.  Alternatively, you can also just show-up at the polls on election day with the proper ID – ID Required to Vote

If you’d like more information, we’d encourage you to visit our #VoteForClimateCanada page which has LOTS of great information!

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