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If your ski or snowboard season isn’t off to a great start this year, you’re not alone. And although we're finally starting to see some snowfall in ski areas across Canada, our snowpack is still way below where it should be, which can bring a variety of negative environmental impacts come spring/summer.

It’s no secret that warming temperatures due to high emissions are leading to more dramatic weather events and shortening our ski seasons. The oil and gas industry is Canada’s largest and fastest-growing source of emissions. Without regulation, we’ve got no chance of hitting our national climate targets.

And while other Canadian sectors are reducing their emissions, the oil and gas industry’s emissions only continue to grow.

Although oil and gas plays an important role in the daily lives of Canadians, we must work urgently to reduce and regulate emissions from this industry, while becoming a global leader in the transition to renewable energy.

At COP28, the Federal government pledged to cap emissions from the oil & gas sector. However, the framework lacks specifics, and industry lobbyists continue to stall and derail climate regulation at every turn. We need to ensure the future of snowsports for all Canadians, keeping our snowfalls deep and our ski seasons long.

Help protect the season we love by demanding our Federal government #KeepItDeep and cap oil & gas emissions now, with no more delays. Use our email writing tool above to have your voice heard.