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Kye Petersen is 28 years old and has been a professional skier for 14 years. Growing up in Whistler, British Columbia, as the son of big mountain skiing pioneer Trevor Petersen, Kye was drawn to a love for the mountains and a progression of backcountry skiing from ski mountaineering to freestyle and freeriding. Being surrounded by like-minded mentors as a kid, Kye spent much of his time hiking around the backcountry of Blackcomb and honing his mountain skills on mountains from Chamonix to Alaska. Following that, Kye competed in multiple freeride contests and filmed many film segments most recently noted ‘Numinous’ film which he produced alongside Dendrite Studios and was awarded Movie of the Year at Powder video awards 2017 as well as Skier of the Year by Freeskier magazine.

Kye continues to make surfing, climbing, biking, skating, and skiing the mainstay of his lifestyle. He advocates for protection of our oceans and land around the south coast of BC by being a voice that brings awareness to issues related to the world’s climate change crisis. He currently resides in Pemberton, BC, where he works with a new ski shaping company to be launched this fall… ’Kye Shapes’ built by ‘Foon Skis’ where they aim to build the best product, implement new designs, shapes and materials to the ski building industry to lessen our impact on the planet and improve the quality of ride on snow. Kye also works deeply with Patagonia, Buff Neckwear, and Oakley Eyewear. Kye hopes to inspire future generations to care about our environment and make a difference simply because they can.