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Let's just say BC Premier John Horgan is in trouble. During last fall's provincial election, vote-hungry-Horgan promised to implement the recommendations of an old-growth strategic review panel. Guess what... to date, not a single one of the 14 recommendations have been fully implemented and the author of the report says Fairy Creek is just the start.


As a member of the Tahltan First Nation and a registered professional forester, Garry Merkel is a good person to be taking advise from on old growth strategy.  Garry is a member of BC's Old Growth Panel and the author of A NEW FUTURE FOR OLD FORESTS: A Strategic Review of How British Columbia Manages for Old Forests Within its Ancient Ecosystems. 

In THIS GREAT interview with the Narwahl, Garry talks about the history of inaction in BC which has lead to our current reality of project by project blockades. He notes "we're going to have Fairy Creeks happen all the time". 

On July 1st, 2021, the Narwhal published another great comprehensive article about the issue. Read it by clicking on the image below: 

If you're not clear about what's happening with Old Growth in BC (we can't blame you... it's complicated) and why POW Canada is working with allies to demand government action, read the above articles and then TAKE ACTION!


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