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Today, businesses large and small are recognising that they play a vital role in the wellbeing of their communities. Customers and employees want to align themselves with purpose-led organisations, and business owners are increasingly looking for ways to demonstrate their commitment to people and planet.

Whether you're a seasoned B-corp or you're simply looking for an easy way to do some good in this messy world, POW Canada's business program might be for you. 

To achieve our goals as a not-for-profit organization, POW Canada relies on the generous support of individuals, businesses and foundations who share our vision. As such, we actively pursue grants and corporate contributions to help fund our educational, activism and advocacy programs. There are numerous ways to support POW Canada and we can be creative to find the best way for your company to support the work that we do.

If you want to learn more about our Program for businesses, please email [email protected] 


  • Canada is a nation of outdoor enthusiasts. As a collective, we become more powerful in advocating for positive change at government and policy levels. Adding your voice matters.
  • Bring added value to your employees through climate education and action opportunities for your team.
  • Opportunity to activate with our regional chapters in your facilities to connect our communities together.
  • Receive tools to help you communicate about your support to POW Canada to your audience.
  • Donate to POW Canada help us elevate our voice and be part of the solution!
  • POW Canada is a charitable organization and can provide you with a charitable receipt for your donation
  • Your company can eventually become a POW Partner, and have access to our large and engaged audience.



Help fund our advocacy impact

  • Raise funds through the different options we offer you
  • Host a fundraiser internally with your employees 
  • Invite your employees to become monthly donors
  • Host a fundraising event or campaign with your customers
  • Your funds will help us strategize, plan and activate our aspirational, educational and advocacy work

More members = more impact

  • Help raise awareness for POW Canada with your customers and employees
  • Help grow our membership base by promoting our membership program - the more members we have, the more influential we can be
  • It’s free to become a POW member and every voice makes a difference!

Inspire your people to become climate advocates

  • Communicate about POW Canada and share our campaigns in your channels
  • Offer educational tools to your staff on climate action (POW Enthusiasts To Advocate Program)



We know every company is different and has different internal processes, so we offer you different ways to raise funds for POW Canada!

  1. Donation to POW Canada: Simplify the process by donating directly to POW Canada and manage your support with one key resource.
  2. 1% For The Planet: Benefit from highlighting both POWC and 1% For The Planet in your channels.

  3. Host a fundraiser: Activate your brand to host a fundraiser and highlight your support to POW to your audience.


How POW can help? POW Can help support you by: sharing your support in our channels if it works in our schedule, connect you with our chapters of volunteers, providing guidelines, POW branding and toolkit.

POW Toolkit: Use the POW tools to promote your support to POW Canada to your audience and employees (logo, images, info on POW, assets, data).

POW Brand: You will have the opportunity to use the POW logo and showcase your support on your platforms.

POW Chapters: You will have the opportunity to activate with our chapters of volunteers across Canada, based on their availability. Your employees can also offer volunteer hours to your closest chapter.


Download the Program Presentation here