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Born & raised amongst the coastal forests, mountains and waters of Cascadia on traditional Coast Salish territories, Ross has always been an active observer of the natural world around him.  While exploring these lands on skis, a bike, or board, he continually finds himself getting lost in the often glanced-over beauty of the ecosystems we play in - the resilient twists and turns of a tree, the formation of silt deposits and erosion, the persistence of moss on a decaying log...the little things.  Over time, these observations shifted to see the trails compact and erode, waters waver and drift, and lands become modified and developed, jobs gained and lost, and local economies boom and bust.  An acute awareness of our anthropocentric approach to the natural world and our blind dependence on it developed, and with that a desire to do better and inspire others to do the same.  This love for the outdoors sparked a career in outdoor filmmaking, the desire to see our engagement in the world change for the better led him to pursue an MBA with emphasis on branding, and an appreciation for nature's resilience led to decades of passion driven exploration, observation and research that have resulted in him becoming a bit of an ecological naturalist.  Today, through blending this knack for nature nerdiness with his background in filmmaking and business, Ross works in science communications to effectively educate, constructively engage and inspire action today for a better, healthier world of tomorrow. Follow  and learn from Ross on Instagram via @nerdyaboutnature.