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Picture this... you are helping out at a POW Canada tent during a summer event and 75% of the people approach you asking why you are talking about winter in the middle of the summer. Yes, this is coming from real experience... Although we've been doing lots of work with summer athletes, and on issues not directly related to winter, we've never been very "vocal" about any of it.

So we're officially shifting gears, because protecting our winters is essentially protecting our summers which in return is also protecting our winters... you get it... If you stumbled upon this page and are not a POW Canada member, sign up below. It's free, only requires your email and is a simple act with big impacts!

Alright back to the trails...


Ready to drop in?

SHIFTING REALITY shows how protecting our winters is more than just a seasonal affair.

The seasons are shifting, and so is our reality

SHIFTING FOCUS explores the need to move away from the notion of personal carbon footprints and instead focus our collective energy on systemic policy change. 

Look further than your front wheel...

SHIFTING ACTION the power of the outdoor community.

Because group rides are so much more fun!