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The holidays are coming up and that means many of us have (willingly or unwillingly) take the plunge into consuming products. We get that it can feel like a tough place to navigate when it comes to your impact and sustainability practices. That’s why we have you covered!

We’ve prepared POW Canada’s Holiday Trail Map!

From products made from landfill waste, to sustainable wool generation, many of our brand partners have just what you need when it comes to getting ready for the holiday season while also leaving less of an impact. 

If you’re looking for creative, affordable and charitable gifts for your friends and family, here’s some information about our co-branded merchandise we have available for purchase. They help us raise funds for our advocacy efforts and our programs.

1. POW Collection

You’ve seen our athletes and volunteers proudly wearing our POW Canada collection in the past few years, but you never dared to ask where to find those rad t-shirts, long sleeves, caps & more? Well, now is the time to treat yourself and gear up with our POW merch, available at Comor! 100% of the proceeds are coming back to us to help us in our mission and advocacy efforts.

Cool Facts:

  • Comor is the first retailer who supported POW Canada
  • Our Executive Director used to ship our POW Collection from his living room until Comor came on board to help us out!




2. Gogglesoc



At Gogglesoc, it's cool to be kind. This is why they've partnered with us to create a POW design that gives  $5 back to the cause! Gogglesocs are protective goggle covers made from recycled bottles. Only one plastic bottle makes 3 Gogglesocs!

Cool facts:

  • Gogglesoc is a member of 1% for the Planet.
  • They have taken 457,659 plastic bottles out of landfill to this date!
  • 90K chopsticks are thrown away every day in Vancouver alone. They’ve engineered one-of-a-kind merchandise displays out of recycled chopsticks!




3. Pela Case

Situated right in Pela’s backyard, the deforestation of Old Growth forests on Vancouver Island is a cause very close to their hearts. Pela has partnered with POW to support bold lobbying efforts with elected officials in British Columbia to support policy change. . Pela’s Tree Case Collection, designed to honor and support the protection of BC’s Old Growth forests, 5% of all sales support our lobbying initiatives. 

Cool facts:

  • Pela launched the World's First Compostable Phone Case. Greg Hill tested it, and it’s legit -- it actually decomposes.
  • Pela is a certified Climate Neutral company and is a member of 1% for the Planet.
  • When you take part in the Pela 360 program (WHAT IS THIS?), you stop the equivalent of 1 POUND of plastic from entering our landfills and oceans.




4. Mateina


Mateina’s goal was to find a good tasting yerba mate that is cultivated in conditions that respect the environment and the workers. This winter, Mateina is once again launching its limited edition Winter Berry flavour to support POW. For every can of Winter Berry sold, half of the proceeds will go to POW Canada!

Cool facts:

  • Their organic yerba mate is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. 
  • Mateina invests in a community that has sustainable and ethical practices in Argentina, to allow the native forest to coexist through yerba mate crops, and to build good conditions for the workers there.
  • All their packaging is carefully chosen, from transportation, to storage, to all product packaging: all mostly plastic free and 100% recyclable.




5. Smartwool

Smartwool was founded because they wanted to help people spend more time outdoors. They’re taking action in everything they do, from their product development to their supply chain. They not only developed a product to support POW’s mission, but are also always finding opportunities to raise awareness and funds for POW!

Cool facts:

  • They only use natural fibers that are sustainably sourced for every product.
  • They partner with ZQ Merino to create practices that care for the environment,sheep and create a sustainable economy for growers.
  • They take garment scraps from their Merino base layers to use them as insulation for other products.




6. Buff Canada

Sustainability is at the heart of what Buff does.This year, they’ve created 3 POW designs made of 100% recycled fabric that represent humans, the elements and our playground– an interconnected trinity of the forces at the center of climate change.

Cool facts:

  • They have taken 12.5M plastic bottles out of landfill to this date!
  • 100% of the energy used in their head office and factories is generated from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and biomass.
  • 90% of their products are produced in the Barcelona area, reducing their carbon footprint while improving quality control and minimizing loss and waste.




7. Skullcandy

Skullcandy was born on a chairlift in the mountains of Park City, Utah. Over the years, they’ve witnessed the dramatic impacts climate change is having on the mountains we call home. This is why they decided to partner up with POW and give us 10% of proceeds from the sales of our product collaboration! 

Cool facts:

  • Their packaging will be 100% recyclable by the end of this year. 
  • They joined prAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement. 
  • They’ve implemented the LEAN processes to reduce the amount of energy they use and the amount of waste they produce.




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