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As the first of our "Up Close"; athlete interview series, Anna Segal sits down with pro snowboarder Leanne Pelosi to give us an inside perspective on what fuels Leanne and why she's passionate about being involved with POW Canada.


Fast facts:  Professional snowboarder and film producer based in Whistler, BC.

Favourite place to ride? Whislter!

Favourite snowboarding snack? Maple salmon, hummus and crackers and obviously chocolate too.

 When and how did you become involved in Protect Our Winters? When POW started up in the USA I hit them up to be apart of it. Not sure what the date was!

 What’s the biggest lifestyle change for the environment you’ve made over the past 5 years? I have lived in a camper the last two years, so with that being said there’s less of everything that I need to live.  I’m trying my hardest to be conscious of my consumer living… I’m trying to live more simply, buy less stuff and also buy supporting brands and food companies who use little packaging.  I cannot believe how much packaging there is on everything.  Buying local can reduce waste.

As someone who has been working (snowboarding and filming) in the Whistler backcountry for the past 10 years, what are the most significant changes you have noticed? I have noticed more backcountry users, more garbage (although people are usually pretty respectful out there), more erratic snow conditions and glaciers opening up.  Lots of changes out there.

I heard there’s been a new addition to your family….? Is she going to come out riding with you Bella! My puppy. She will be coming out. I am doing my OPS 1 (avalanche operations level 1) course this year so maybe I can enrol her in an avalanche dog course. That would be my dream - to have her capable of helping others.

I’ve also heard that you’re building a home. Have you discovered any new technologies or building techniques that will enable it to be more sustainable? Yes, I’m building 2,400sq ft. cabins in Ucluelet, where we will be using local materials and wood from the land to build decks and pathways.  We are only removing the trees on the land that need to be cleared for the buildings as well, keeping the natural state of the site is very important to me.  Using good windows and insulation is key, and solar panels are something I would like to use. We will be doing water catchment as well for grey water, and technology that can adjust the heating when we are not there to minimize our energy use.

Any advice to snowboarders that want to get involved with taking positive action towards the environment? The more you immerse yourself into the outdoors the more you will realize how valuable it is and the more you will want to protect it.   I think making conscious decisions with your wallet is your biggest voice. As well as getting on board with POW!



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