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It can be difficult to feel a connection to natural spaces when we haven't experienced them in a long time. The map below will help you get to the biggest and oldest trees closest to you in British Columbia.

National and international attention has been focused on Fairy Creek and the Central Walbran, but old growth trees are being harvested in BC’s Inland Temperate Rainforest as well. There are, in fact, old growth forests across the province — it's important for all of us to visit them and protect them!

Take a peek at the map and have fun exploring near you!


Seeking out many of these trees requires backcountry awareness and a respect towards whose land you’re on, as well as all the other creatures who share these spaces.

GPS technology has evolved rapidly over the last two decades and any locations submitted before 2006 may be inaccurate, many of the trees do not include any access details other than lat/long.

The BC Big Tree Registry is a living process that thrives from citizen input. Please reach out to the BC BTR Committee if you have any Big Tree nominations, questions, feedback, or trip reports! 

Please note!
  • Understand and respect that these trees are all on the lands of Indigenous peoples who have stewarded these forests since time immemorial.
  • If you visit these trees, respect private property and view from a distance.
  • Exercise extreme caution when travelling on logging roads.
  • File a trip plan when travelling in remote areas.
  • View trees from afar to avoid damaging tree roots and vegetation.
  • Some locations, particularly on older entries, may be wrong.


Click "More Info" in the map interface for links to the Registry's website.

Thank you to the Faculty of Forestry at UBC, Nick Gottlieb and Kieran Brownie!



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