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Celeste was born in the USA but was raised on the North Shore of Vancouver exploring and thriving in the outdoors. As a result, her interests are deeply rooted in the natural environment as well as protecting land in which she lives and plays in. She graduated from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences concentrating in alternative energy and
geosciences in 2018 where she was fortunate to take a wide array of courses covering all forms of alternative energy. She quickly realized that her greatest interests lie in energy storage, energy policy, sustainability, and energy education.

Celeste now lives in Squamish, just south of Whistler where she is currently remotely completing her Master of Science at the University of British Columbia focusing on Energy Storage applications for off-grid communities in northern Canada.
Outside of her education, Celeste is a professional athlete as both a big mountain skier and mountain biker, represented by international outdoor brands such as Black Crows skis and Mons Royale. Recognizing that the world of sport has a long way to go when it comes to responsible sustainability practices, Celeste hopes she can make an impact on the world of sport as not only an advocate but as a researcher and athlete alike.