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Hey Ontario!

One look out the window this winter reveals more days that look like pre-season: grey and rainy, with the mercury hitting double digits, than days that look like mid-winter. We've barely seen any days with sub-zero temps, massive dumps of snow, or weather and conditions conducive to your favourite outdoor winter activities.

Whether you’re a skier (downhill or nordic), snowboarder, snowshoer, ice skater, ice fisher, or fat biker, you’ve likely not had your fill of winter recreation in Ontario this season. In fact, with the Family Day long weekend coming up, we're willing to bet there's more than a few of you that are considering cancelling your plans, or feeling extremely bummed that they might not look at all like what you were hoping for.

This trend of limited trail days, dwindling slope time, and less-than-optimal conditions is becoming too consistent for comfort.

Check out the projections below from our Losing Our Cool report - we're accelerating towards ski seasons of less than 25 days, unless we do something about it.

The time to act is NOW. Beyond looking glumly out the window as you daydream about epic days on-hill or diving into mounds of fluffy white snow, you can take action. Join 30,000 other Canadians in the fight against climate change. POW Canada membership is 30k strong (and growing) and we need YOU (and your brother, mother, sister, son, daughter, cousin, neighbour, coworker…you get the idea).

Why does it matter?

There’s power in numbers and the more Canadians that declare their concern for climate change, the better chance we have of influencing policy at the provincial and federal levels.

We've got a great supporter base in BC, but we need to kick things up a notch in Ontario. We want to act on issues like development on the Greenbelt, Highway 413 and the water quality of the beautiful lakes that sustain our province, but to do that we need the people that hike the Bruce Trail, paddle in the Kawarthas and ski from Georgian Peaks to Brimacombe to join us.

You can read more about our work to date here.

Already a member? Amazing! But we need your help - please ask your friends and family to join the crew as well. As an added incentive, if you sign up a new member this month, you'll get double the points in our #GameOn2030 challenge, putting you in the running to win some incredible prizes from our partners. See below for a quick and easy how-to!

Ready to take the next step? Consider volunteering with your local chapter, supporting our incredible brand partners and resorts, and spreading the word on social media. Tag us on social @protectourwinterscanada

With your help, we hope to affect climate change policy, see urgent positive movement towards Canada's emissions reduction goals and of course, experience the return of epic, snow-filled winters!


How to Sign Up a Friend

  1. Check that you're participating in the #GameOn challenge and that you have a POW Canada profile. If not, you can create one here.
  2. From your profile page, click the Join Through Me button
  3. You'll be redirected to the 'become a member' page. Click the address bar and you'll see a URL that contains your unique recruiter ID - copy the whole URL.
  4. Share this with your pals, and you'll earn points for every one that signs up. 

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