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From cycling across Canada to long kayaking trips, multi-day hiking adventures and more - many of our members have raised money while challenging their minds, bodies and capabilities!

If you have a big adventure coming up and want to encourage your community to support you in the form of donations - POW Canada would be thrilled to be along for the ride!



  • Net zero adventures
  • Outrageous Bets
  • Plogging challenges
  • Give It Up
  • No Shave Contests
  • Betting Boards
  • Donate for Dares
  • Walking, cycling, skiing trips/distances
  • Marathons
  • Kayak or Canoe challenges
  • Mountain Summits
  • Daily Cold Dip Challenges
  • Zero Garbage Challenges
  • Giving Circles
  • Multi-day treks

Example: Ski Boot Half Marathon World Record Broken



  1. Plan your goal: This can be as in depth or simple as you'd like! You can plan to ask for donations in preparation of accomplishing the challenge or build an event or fundraiser marketing campaign to amplify your challenge! More details around marketing your fundraiser can be found in our bonus section!
  2. Set up a Go Fund Me:  Collect donations under your unique challenge on Go Fund Me. Send your Go Fund Me link and an overview to [email protected] so we can celebrate your efforts!
  3. Bring in POW: Fill your fundraiser with POW Canada features such as inviting our local chapter to activate at your event to host POW Canada swag on site or share the POW Canada presentation - more details in our FAQ below, and in Section Four of our course linked below.
  4. Go after your goal: Achieve your goal, and Go Fund Me takes care of sending the money directly to POW Canada!
  5. Share your celebration on social media with us! So we can celebrate your achievement too! Tag us in your stories and posts so we can give you a public thank you! 

Hosting a larger challenge? Learn more about how you can amplify your challenge in our Host-A-Fundraiser course!



Do I have to use Go Fund Me for fundraising?

Choosing a platform is a personal decision. We have seen successful events, fundraisers, challenges and celebrations be hosted on platforms such as:

  • Eventbrite
  • Donorbox
  • GoFundMe
  • Bonfire
  • Fundly
  • CauseVox

GoFundMe is the most popular option for challenges. POW Canada is already set up on Go Fund Me as a charity (under Hot Planet Cool Athletes) allowing you to easily create a fundraiser, and for Go Fund Me to directly deposit funds into the POW Canada bank account. There is no fee to create a fundraiser, but a 2.9% transaction fee and a $0.30 credit card processing fee are added to each donation.

We highly suggest using Go Fund Me for your fundraiser as this takes the weight off of you!

If you choose to go through another option, you'll need to be well versed on how to use each platform, as POW Canada is not set up on other peer to peer donor sites. Once you complete your challenge you can donate your funds to Protect Our Winters Canada. Reach out to [email protected] for more guidance on your donation.

Will my supporters receive a donation receipt?

Go Fund Me sends donation receipts through Paypal. Your donors would receive donation receipts with Paypal branding. POW Canada abides by Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL) ensuring that any emails gathered are done so with expressed approval by the recipient. We do not receive lists of emails of any kind from third parties such as Paypal or Go Fund Me. 

Your donors are supporting your challenge, and though their donation will end up supporting POW Canada, they are donating through a third party and are not giving expressed consent in sharing their email address with POW Canada. 

Due to this, we will not have their donation or their email address on record. Their donation receipt will only come from Paypal. 

Can the POW Canada team help me celebrate?

Depending on your goal, the proximity to one of our chapters, and how large your anticipated fundraising results are there could be opportunity for us to link you with our awesome local team of Chapter Leaders.

If you are a "Double Black Level" fundraiser - projecting $10,000 in fundraising efforts or more - POW Canada can also assist by sending you marketing assets! If this sounds like your celebration, please enroll into our Host-A-Fundraiser course for more information. Please keep in mind that this is for larger challenges and fundraisers only, and our team would need at a minimum of 2 months preparation time. 

Go through all of these steps in more detail in our Host-A-Fundraiser course!

Can I use the POW Canada logo?

Yes! You are welcome to put "[This challenge] is in support of" beside the POW Canada logo. We ask that this line be small and towards the bottom of your marketing material.

Please do not have the POW Canada logo as a main logo image at the top of your challenge imagery or website.

Please do not say that your challenge is "in partnership with POW Canada"

Please refer to our brand guidelines in the Host-A-Fundraiser Course for more information. 

Can we get POW Canada stickers or apparel for the event?

We recognize the incredible support having our apparel at your fundraiser could bring POW Canada, however at this time we do not have an apparel program that can support external fundraisers selling our merchandise. 

As a climate advocacy nonprofit we are very cognizant of how we print our apparel, who we print our apparel with, and the waste and carbon footprint involved in the creation of our apparel. Printing our logo on apparel to sell at your fundraiser would be against our values as a nonprofit and such action would receive an immediate cease and desist. 

You're welcome to purchase apparel from our store for resale at our designated prices. Stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, beanies and more are available for you online.

Can I share a presentation on the POW Canada mission if I am asked to speak at an event?

Absolutely! Linked here is a presentation that you are welcome to use at your fundraiser. This presentation is meant to share a bit more about who POW Canada is and what we do so that your supporters know who they are supporting. When presenting POW Canada we ask that you clarify that you are not a representative for POW Canada, instead you are hosting a fundraiser to support POW Canada. 

Can I encourage people along the way to become members?

We would love that! Head to your profile and click "JOIN THROUGH ME" and copy the link to that page, including your recruiter ID. Share that link with anyone you would like to invite!

What if I don't raise any funds? Do I have to donate the funds if I raise very little. 

Transparent reporting is of fundamental importance for POW Canada. Whether you raise $1, $100, or $1000 - your donation means the world to our programming. Every dollar counts. When someone donates through your fundraiser and believes they are donating to POW Canada we hope to see that promise realized.



Long Adventures (cycling, canoe, kayaking, hiking, running or walking)

Planning a difficult adventure? Shift your journey into a fundraiser for POW Canada! Not only will your donations raised go to a good cause, but they will help motivate you each step of the way!

Outrageous Bets

Willing to go the distance to show your passion for climate action? If so, then consider some daring performances to host an outrageous bet for charity. You can camp on the roof of your building, wax your chest, or dye your hair a funky color—as long as it’s outrageous and safe!

Food Ration

Climate issues impact every element of our world including the food on our plate. This style of symbolic fundraiser raises funds and awareness for the climate as you ration your food. You can structure this fundraiser as "living off $2 a day" or "Skip A Meal" as long as it's being done safely and with awareness. 

Give It Up

Been itching to quit something? Maybe it's smoking, chocolate, wine or anything else that will be difficult for you to give up for a predetermined time frame. Your donors will support you in your journey to quit by donating to POW Canada and showing you how much they believe in you!

No Shave Contests

How long does your beard grow? Grow your beard for POW Canada and raise funds as you get closer to your shave date!

Betting Boards

Betting boards are a popular fundraising game during baby showers. Your friends and family bet on how big your baby will be and when they will be born. Each bet will correspond with a donation. You can use betting boards at baby showers and during other competitions as well!

Donate for Dares

How far are you willing to go to show your support for POW Canada? Accept dares from friends and family by donation! Each safe dare will correspond with a donation. As your donors complete the dares, you’ll watch as donations support POW Canada! 

Daily Cold Dip Challenges

How many days can you cold dip in a row? Get into the cold daily and share your journey with your friends! Encourage your friends to donate to POW Canada in support of your daily challenge!

Zero Garbage Challenges

Ready to take the big step to eliminating your waste? Challenge yourself by going public! Keep accountable with your friends and family through social media and ask for donations as you go!

Giving Circles

Create a giving circle with your close friends and family! Alternate who is giving to the cause each month to become monthly donors together!