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Events are an amazing way to mobilize your community or customer base, aligning your mission and vision with your member's passions. Whether you are an individual wanting to host an event to celebrate your passion for POW Canada's vision, or a company/brand that wants to support our efforts, offering an event that donates proceeds to a nonprofit like Protect Our Winters Canada shows your community where their personal passions and values align with yours. This connection builds deeper, stronger connections with your customer base. 

By donating a portion of your proceeds to Protect Our Winters Canada you not only help us advocate for climate action, but you create life-long value based connections with your community.



  • Film screenings
  • Conferences
  • Team Building events
  • Music based events
  • Indoor activities
  • Educational events
  • Outdoor activities
  • Retreats
  • Product launches
  • Paint nights
  • Trade shows or exhibitions
  • Networking or corporate events
  • Workshops
  • Races or competitions
  • Gear swaps

No event is exactly like another, and each of these types of events can march to the beat of their own drum, allowing your event's mission to perfectly fit your needs. 



  1. Brainstorm, identify and plan your event: Understanding your event's specific "why", your goals, your audience, and comparable events in your area will help you build your event. 
  2. Market your event using our brand guidelines: Please review Section Three of this course to ensure your marketing is inline with our brand guidelines. 
    • Don't forget to send your event details to [email protected] so we can add your event to our website! Please identify the following information in your email:
      • Name of your event
      • Date and time of event (including duration of your event)
      • Location of event (Venue and City)
      • The contact person's full name and email 
      • A feature banner image (1800x600 px)
      • A Thumbnail image (1280 × 720 px)
      • The link to ticket sales
  3. Enjoy your event: Fill your event with POW Canada features such as inviting our local chapter to activate at your event, host POW Canada swag on site or share the POW Canada presentation - all available in Section Four of this course. 
  4. Submit + Donate to wrap up your event: 
    • Donate the funds here to ensure we are able to track your donations as a supporting fundraiser. Please note: this link is specifically for your event! Please do not donate on our main donation page. 
  5. Share your event on social media with us so we can celebrate your event too! Tag us in your stories and posts so we can give you a public thank you! 

Go through all of these steps in more detail in our Host-A-Fundraiser course!



What platform should I use for fundraising?

Choosing a platform is a personal decision. We have seen successful events, fundraisers, challenges and celebrations be hosted on platforms such as:

  • Eventcube
  • Eventbrite
  • Meetup
  • Bizzabo
  • Facebook
  • Ticketleap
  • Accelevents
  • TicketTailor
  • RegFox
  • Purplepass

Eventbrite is the most popular option for events. There is no fee to create a fundraiser, but donation tickets have a 2.9% payment processing fee per order.

Once you complete your event you can donate your funds to Protect Our Winters Canada

Will my supporters receive a donation receipt?

Donors that donate through an external fundraiser, such as your event, would not receive a donation receipt for their support. POW Canada abides by Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL) ensuring that any emails gathered are done so with expressed approval by the recipient. We do not receive lists of emails of any kind from third parties. 

Your donors are supporting your event, and though their donation will end up supporting POW Canada, they are donating through a third party and are not giving expressed consent in sharing their email address with POW Canada. 

Due to this, we will not have their donation or their email address on record. 

Can the POW Canada team help me celebrate our event??

Depending on your goal, the proximity to one of our chapters, and how large your anticipated fundraising results are there could be opportunity for us to link you with our awesome local team of Chapter Leaders.

If you are a "Double Black Level" fundraiser - projecting $10,000 in fundraising efforts or more - POW Canada can also assist by sending you marketing assets! If this sounds like your celebration, please enroll into our Host-A-Fundraiser course for more information. Please keep in mind that this is for larger challenges and fundraisers only, and our team would need at a minimum of 2 months preparation time. 

Go through all of these steps in more detail in our Host-A-Fundraiser course!

Can we use the POW Canada logo?

Yes! You are welcome to put "Proceeds are in support of" beside the POW Canada logo. We ask that this line be small and towards the bottom of the poster.

Please do not have the POW Canada logo as a main logo image at the top of your event marketing material. 

Please do not say that your event is "in partnership with POW Canada"

The verbiage should be "Proceeds are in support of" [POW Canada Logo] to show that the proceeds from your ticket sales are going to POW Canada as a donation.

Please refer to our Host-A-Fundraiser Course for our brand guidelines. 

Can we get POW Canada stickers or apparel for the event?

We recognize the incredible support having our apparel at your fundraiser could bring POW Canada, however at this time we do not have an apparel program that can support external fundraisers selling our merchandise.

As a climate advocacy nonprofit we are very cognizant of how we print our apparel, who we print our apparel with, and the waste and carbon footprint involved in the creation of our apparel. Printing our logo on apparel to sell at your fundraiser would be against our values as a nonprofit and such action would receive an immediate cease and desist.

You're welcome to purchase apparel from our store for resale at our designated prices. Stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, beanies and more are available for you online.

Can POW Canada host a booth or speak at our event?

If we have a local chapter in your area we would love to host a booth at your event! Contact your local Chapter Leader through email to arrange for their activation. Please note: any activation support is based on availability of our local volunteer team.  

Can I share the POW Canada mission if I am asked to speak at an event?

Absolutely! Linked here is a presentation that you are welcome to use at your fundraiser. This presentation is meant to share a bit more about who POW Canada is and what we do so that your supporters know who they are supporting. When presenting POW Canada we ask that you clarify that you are not a representative for POW Canada, instead you are hosting a fundraiser to support POW Canada. 

Can we encourage our guests to become members?

We would love that! In our course, for your convenience we have linked it again here, you have access to our member QR codes and other printable marketing material to share at your event! We have included welcome cards, become a member posters, table/welcome bag pamphlets and more!

What if I don't raise many funds? Am I required to donate if it is a small amount?

Transparent reporting is of fundamental importance for POW Canada. Whether you raise $1, $100, or $1000 - your donation means the world to our programming. Every dollar counts. When someone donates through your fundraiser and believes they are donating to POW Canada we hope to see that promise realized. 


Thank you for hosting a fundraising event for POW Canada! Your support means the world to us, we are grateful for members like you!