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Mike Douglas has been called one of the ten most influential freeskiers of all time. He, along with the members of the New Canadian Air Force, pioneered modern freestyle skiing and developed the first high-performance twin tip ski with Salomon back in 1997. Since then, Mike has won dozens of awards for his skiing and more recently, added award-winning filmmaker to his resume. His company, Switchback Entertainment, produces documentary adventure films and the web series Salomon TV.

Mike has spent most of his life training for skiing on the Horstman Glacier in Whistler, British Columbia. Over the years, he started to notice the glacier shrinking and changing. He noticed that not only was it changing, but the change seemed to be accelerating. Around the same time, there was more and more talk about global warming and climate change. Mike realized it was happening right before his eyes. Since then, he has been a major advocate for climate action, highlighting the importance of using our collective voice to make a difference.