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I have an overflowing sock bin, yet only a select few, maybe just 4 or 5, make it into my weekly sock rotation. My apologies to the other 50 pairs patiently waiting. I'll admit, I'm guilty of rummaging through my laundry basket to retrieve one of these preferred pairs instead of grabbing a fresh one.

But who can resist the allure of a cozy sock, keeping your feet snug and ready for your all your adventures? Smartwool socks showcase fun designs, cradle our toes in warmth, expertly wick away moisture, and stand as steadfast guardians against pesky blisters. What's more, they faithfully accompany us on all our journeys, whether it's through rugged trails, pristine skintracks, or winding single tracks.

As we embrace the last bit of fall and map out our upcoming adventures, we are thrilled to introduce our exciting new collaboration with Smartwool, designed to support you every step of the way!

A creative, warm and environmentally friendly sock

In collaboration with our dedicated advocacy partner, Smartwool, we have crafted a remarkable ski sock designed not only for top-notch performance on the trails or the slopes, but also to ignite the spirit of action against the pressing issue of climate change. These Merino wool socks not only promise unparalleled comfort during your adventures, but also proudly declare your status as a dedicated guardian of the great outdoors By choosing these socks, you're not just elevating your outdoor experience; you're also making a powerful statement of support for POW's tireless efforts in safeguarding the natural places we love. Let every step you take in these socks be a resounding echo of your commitment to preserving our precious wild places and combating climate change.

What we love about these socks:

☑️ They are made of natural fibers that are sustainably sourced.

☑️ They are ethically sourced with Merino wool: Smartwool partners with the New Zealand Merino Company, which developed ZQ certified wool to ensure environmental, social, and economic sustainability while safeguarding animal welfare.

☑️ They are breathable (for real!) and very comfy for all types of adventures!

☑️ Smartwool is a global partner of POW Canada.

If you want to read more about how Smartwool source their products, read our recent article here!


Wear proudly your support to POW!


Smartwool in sustainability and advocacy

Smartwool owes a lot of its success in sustainability and advocacy to the strong values it shares with its community of partners, employees, and fans. For them, success extends far beyond achieving brand objectives; it's deeply rooted in creating a more inclusive outdoor environment for all and safeguarding our favorite outdoor sports from the impacts of climate change.
Their impact is amplified through strategic partnerships who help get their message out there, reinforcing that it's not merely about the brand; it's about all of us who cherish the outdoors.

When we come together, we can really make a difference and keep pushing toward our goals.

Smartwool's dedicated efforts in climate advocacy are seamlessly intertwined with its overarching mission of cultivating an outdoors that is both inclusive and flourishing, accessible to all. The brand is committed to dismantling barriers — whether physical, financial, or cultural — that have historically impeded individuals from venturing into the natural world. 

Learn more about their sustainability and advocacy efforts!

Recent advocacy work with Smartwool

☑️ Smartwool has joined Lobby Days with POW Action Fund in Washington D.C. to advocate for permanent protection of the Arctic Refuge from oil drilling.

☑️ Smartwool co-signed our open letter on from Canada’s Outdoor Industry to the Federal Government on the offer of sustainable transportation to outdoor spaces.

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