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Like a day in the outdoors, planning leads to success. Sustainable finance is premised on aligning actions, decisions, and management with sustainability principles and goals. This alignment can lead to significant business benefits that allow you to walk the talk when it comes to your values.

By aligning your financial choices with your company’s principles, you can gain real significant advantages in business performance, customer demand, and the labour market. By truly investing in the things you tell the world you care about, you'll find customers will follow in your footsteps. Profit will follow, too.

Why? Companies with stronger sustainability records are favoured over competitors, are associated with stronger financial performance compared to their peers and can attract more investment. Sustainability is good for business, especially in the outdoor sphere.

People want to work for businesses that care. Sustainable practices, including sustainable finance, can be key tools in employee attraction, engagement, and retention, helping to you to find and keep the best people in a competitive market, and negate the high costs of replacing employees.