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YETI's founders set out to create the ultimate cooler catering specifically to passionate outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves. It's hard not to love YETI's products. With their exceptional design, they keep our coffee extra hot for hours on end and ensure our iced tea stays refreshingly cold even on scorching days. YETI offers a wide range of products that cater to our unique needs as outdoor enthusiasts, leaving no detail overlooked.

But what sets YETI apart extends beyond their product line. Have you ever wondered how they contribute to protecting not just our food and beverages from outside temperatures but also our beloved outdoor playgrounds from the impacts of climate change?

YETI's commitment goes beyond their people; it extends to the very places that shape the essence of the brand.

Building products for the wild

YETI is expanding on their commitment to high-performing, durable, and built for the WILD products by separating their growth from their products' environmental impact.​ They have set goals that address key segments of their value chain: from materials and manufacturing processes to packaging and customer engagement. They are focused on addressing the areas of greatest environmental impact.

There’s a lot to share in terms of their ESG strategy, but here’s a quick overview of their objectives that particularly resonates with POW: 

  • Source 100% renewable electricity in our U.S. owned and operated facilities by 2022 
  • 100% of YETI packaging will be recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025 
  • Eliminate perfluorinated chemicals (PFOS and PFOA) from all products by 2022 
  • Eliminate PVC from the entirety of our supply chain by 2025
  • Achieve zero waste to landfill across our value chain by 2030

Protecting the places that we love

YETI believes the more time we spend outside, the more we understand our responsibility to protect the places we love. And with climate change increasing the intensity and frequency of natural disasters and severe weather events, they are more committed than ever to ensure their communities have access to a healthy and thriving WILD for generations to come. ​ 

One great initiative YETI has undertaken to protect the places that we love from waste is their YETI Rescues program. The program encourages their customers to return their old YETI products to find them a new home. Here’s how it works:

  • RESCUE: They sort through gear that’s barely used or slightly bruised.
  • RENEW: The identified gear is prepped for a second life.
  • RELEASE: The revived gear is then placed into the hands of new owners, ready for new adventures.


POW Canada x YETI Product Collab

This is why we love YETI and we’ve decided to work together on a product collaboration to raise awareness on our partnership and help us raise more funds for our mission! YETI has consistently proven to be an exceptional partner, helping us raise funds for POW Canada through the sale of YETI x POW mugs at events. This year, we've taken it up a notch by making these mugs available not only at specific events but also on our e-commerce store.

We specifically chose the YETI 10OZ. LOWBALL for our collaboration, knowing that our members are incredibly active, constantly on the move, and in need of keeping their beverages at the optimal temperature throughout their adventures.

The YETI x POW Canada collab is available on our e-commerce store and can be found here.


If you want to read YETI’s full 2022 ESG report, you can find it here!

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