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Your power to push for a better future as a resort should not be underestimated. You have a voice as an organization, and guests who will back you up when it comes to protecting the places and activities they love from climate change. There are numerous ways you can become a megaphone for climate action including:

  • Amplifying POW's campaigns! 

    We've done the work, but you've got the voice and the audience

    • Sharing our work on your social media audience and e-mail list.

    • Signing letters and endorsing petitions that we sent to government officials and policy makers.

    • Encouraging your staff, guests and community members to become POW members, donate, participate in our campaigns & events, and join #GAMEON2030 to take action and win prizes.

  • Bringing new ideas to the table!

    Is there an environmental issue in your area that you think needs to be addressed? Let us know! We have tools and resources that could help spread awareness. 
    • Connect with your local Regional Chapter and engage our volunteer teams to take action with or at your resort! 
    • Do you have a creative way to make your resort more sustainable? Connect with us at POW for help bringing it to life, and network with our other resort partners for support, brainstorming and troubleshooting!
    • Do you work with other local environmental groups? Helping connect POW Canada with others working in similar spaces mean we can help amplify each other's work, share and spread our resources, and make a greater impact! 
  • Speaking out about climate!

    Hiding the impacts and drivers of climate change won't help. Ski areas are on the frontlines of climate change and have an opportunity to reach a wide and powerful audience locally and globally so:
    • Be clear and vocal about your stand on climate, and sustainability, both internally (e.g., strategic plans, staff education) and externally (e.g., resort website, PR and communications)
    • Include climate-related news in your e-blasts and newsletters.
  • Getting involved with local politics!

    You likely have a huge influence across your local community. 
    • Connect with your local municipal leaders who are working on sustainability and climate change through our Outdoor Recreation Municipality Group and Climate Caucus, to learn about what's happening at the community level and how your resort can work together!
    • Bring together people and organizations with shared interests - from public transportation, to staff housing, to trails and bike parks, to food and restaurant - as a ski resort you have a wide network that you can use to work collaboratively to implement your own sustainability plans, or to lobby governments for climate policy!