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Together we can inspire outdoor enthusiasts across Canada to turn their passion into purpose and address one of the greatest challenges facing future winters. As a member of the POW Resort Alliance you are part of a collective of snowsports industry leaders who have committed to take bold action against climate change.  Use this page as your road map for your climate action journey by clicking through the pages below for guidance, resources and ideas that will help spark action in the following areas:

UNDERSTANDING LOCAL CLIMATE CHANGE: Know what climate futures will look like for your resort and region.

IMPROVING RESORT SUSTAINABILITY: Info on sustainability certification programs, sustainability consultants and DEI consultants to take your operation to the next level. 

EDUCATING YOUR STAFF: Join us at our yearly resort summit and use the education tools, reports and videos provided to help equip your staff become megaphones for climate action. 

BUILDING THE POW MOVEMENT: Ways you can engage your guests to help POW build membership.

FUNDRAISING AND EVENTS: Fundraiser and awareness event ideas

AMPLIFYING OUR PARTNERSHIPPOW Brand Assets, templates, brand guidelines and creative ways to showcase our partnership at your resort.

USING YOUR VOICE: Opportunities to engage in POW campaigns and climate advocacy in your community and beyond.

With the motto of progress over perfection in mind, you will be asked to read and commit to the Resort Alliance Pledge and complete a yearly review of the sustainability actions you have taken in each of the categories listed above. This will allow us to continue to build on our efforts over time and track the efforts that have been made by each resort. 

Please appoint a specific staff person to act as your POW Resort Program liaison to keep us up to date on the sustainability action happening at the resort, complete the yearly review and share POW info with your team as needed.

Your main contact at POW for the resort program will be: [email protected]